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Thanks, Blackjack. I'm glad most of the ones you singled out have non-humanoid designs (two heads, no legs, gorilla proportions). Those tend to be more fun to make than finding the right colors to swap out on normal figures.

Work has progressed on the WIP I posted last time. I've got two almost complete junkions that transform and can ride each other. I still need more wheels, though. I found an old motorcycle kit in with my spare parts, but the wheels were actually too big. I'm using one of them temporarily, but it doesn't turn because it rubs against Junkheap's head.

I also need another hip joint. I've got three, but each figure needs two, which is why Wreck-Gar's right leg isn't attached. You can see the axles on Wreck-Gar's right leg and left arm that show where the wheels would go if I owned them.

I have an actual Kreon this time. I finally got some spare drill tips for Twin Twist. I was surprosed how much of a difference it makes. The cones I had before just looked like gun barrels.

Does anyone know of any reasonably priced kits that have wheels like Junkheap's rear, or a ball joint like the one next to Twin Twist's alt mode? I went to Target, Wal-mart and TRU this weekend, but didn't have much luck. I didn't see any ball joints like this one, though it would be hard to tell. I saw a motorcycle with the right wheels, but it was $45, only had 250 or so pieces. I'd need two, and still wouldn't be able to finish without the ball joint, so I didn't get them.

When I first was fiddling around with this, the shoulder joint was stiff enough to support the arm even with the wheel attached. Then, I swapped some parts around to get the colors right, and the shoulder is now loose. Any ideas on how to fix this? I think I've read of people using clear nail polish. I tried swapping pieces around some more, looking for a tighter combination, but broke one of my socket pieces, so I'd rather not go back to that.

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