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Well worth a listen because, though he seems a perfectly nice man, he spends the whole interview digging his own grave, the interviewers don't try and trick him to lure him into a trap, there are several points where they're clearly taken aback by what he's coming out with.

Gotta love the insecurities over James Roberts as well, he expected people to like the Chaos issues they wrote together just because James' name was on it, not because James is any good. And he doesn't like flashback stories... what was Chaos Theory again?

The daft thing is, just about every point he makes could be used against him just as easily- So Transformers fans don't read comics and thus don't understand them?.... Well OK, that's a potential point (though it also assumes they know nothing about good storytelling generally), but it also applies to the people who liked his stuff. And so on.
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