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I thought I'd bump this old Danger Man thread to talk a little about Death's Head...

I've now read the full Revolutionary Wars trade (which I'm planning to get signed by Master Roche this weekend), considering I don't really know anything about any of the characters bar DH himself it managed to be a good solid fun read that only really suffered from the episodic nature of the set up. It very nicely managed to seed background on the surprise baddy for readers unfamiliar with them (like me) whilst still making it a surprise (though I don't know how well that'd work for people who know the old comics- was this character such a major part of them their not appearing was never in doubt?).

The weakest issue was the Super Soldiers one, spoofing bad and clichéd dialogue in Hollywood films is only going to work if the rest of your comic isn't filled with every cliché known to man about how Hollywood people talk and act (The lead actor is such a diva he doesn't even let a mass monster attack divert him from his demanding HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ha.).

I did like the Knights of... issue though. Zombie King Arthur and his Zombie Knights of the Zombie Round Table ("How can you have a zombie round table?") were brilliant, and the UKIP baiting reveal of the "New" ideal British God/superhero/protector had no subtlety to it but was a good visual gag none the less.

All in all, it's a romp but it's a fun romp.
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