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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Eh... bit overdetailed for my tastes
Yeah. This describes a good 90% of the third-party robots out there, IMO. A lot of designers seem to think that including as much surface detail and greebles as possible into a design is the way to make things look good. Most of them look like something designed by a first-year design student trying to show off how they've mastered CAD software by cramming in as much as they can on a design, without stopping to ask whether they should. The end result just looks busy though, with none of the artistry that a really good toy sculpt should have.

The other 10% can produce some really nice toys (like that Slag everyone's been raving about -- they did a beautiful job making it look like an official MP) but I don't think Impactor here is one of them. Honestly, I think I liked the prettied-up Generations Warpath bootleg that iGear teased a couple years ago better.
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