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Dave Barry is still alive writing? He was vaguely funny twenty years ago, I suppose.

Today I started reading my dad's old copy of The Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns, which in spite of being written in 1961 is one of the most engaging technical/historical books on the subject I've ever seen. Certainly a lot more interesting and memorable than the government handbook on the subject that you need to read for their safety course.

It's also unintentionally hilarious at times because it's over fifty years old and the author had some extremely sideways ideas even for the time -- he seems really proud that a certain gun "killed all the elk and bison in the east and drove the Indians into the plains", which really isn't something you'd expect from a hunter nowadays. Even putting aside the racism, he'd have been able to go out and shoot elk and bison himself if those shortsighted assholes hadn't extirpated them. Bison are delicious, dammit!
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