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Default So how you wanna kick it? Gonna kick it Lockdown

I took a crack at a Lego/Kre-o Lockdown.

He doesn't have an alt mode or vehicle build. But, he does have a fold out hook and face mask.

He also does this:

It's hard to see the barrel since there's so much black.

After uploading the pictures, I noticed I'd put his left headlight in incorrectly. I've since fixed that, and he's symettrical now.

Here's a couple photos of Piranacon with Seawing as his arm an Nautilator as his gun. There's no parts left over. Holding a kreon sized weapon with small feet made him fall over, so I put one of the kreons guns in Piranacon's foot so he could stand. Next to him, I've added an ammo belt to G2 Sideswipe.


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