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Smile Transformers: Primacy

I guess one thread for the whole lot will do it, yeah?

At first the new format was mildly confusing (it's now basically a "Normal" comic, I kept expecting the thing to end but it just kept going), but overall this is more of the same, it's not going to convert anyone who didn't enjoy the previous series but is a fast and harmless read if you didn't mind the earlier instalments.

Impressively, it went the whole 22 pages without quoting Transformers: The Movie once, a first for that length of content I believe. See Flint, you can do it!

It still feels more like it's set in the cartoon Universe though, I mean, if this is Prime's first sabbatical shouldn't Thunderclash (there's an excellent Nick Roche Auto Assembly sketch on twitter showing him falling out of the sky riding Snap Dragon just like Ace Rimmer) be looking after the Matrix?

Livio's art also won't win over anyone who isn't a fan, but as always I thought he did well with the big and weird stuff, Omega Supreme looking out sadly across the Pole was especially nice.
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