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Yeah, the dinobots are like the seekers of the movie line this time around.

I've lost count of their iterations.

Hasbro regular
Takara Regular
Hasbro SDCC
Hasbro Sludge SDCC-look
Takara G1 Grimlock
Takara G1 Slag
Hasbro platinum Grimlock
Takara black one-offs
Hasbro platinum [black set]

And that's without the leader Grimlocks!

If you want my opinion, wait until BBTS prices their exclusive set. 159 USD is a lot for 2 voyagers and 3 deluxes. I think RK is just tacking on their import price.

So proud of it like 4 months now and counting, and not a -single- movie release. Only things I'm tempted by are evasion Prime and the updated LDR one coming out in November.
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