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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
If you want my opinion, wait until BBTS prices their exclusive set. 159 USD is a lot for 2 voyagers and 3 deluxes. I think RK is just tacking on their import price.
Yeah, I agree - it's like BBTS with Takara figures. Best to order from a supplier in the country the toys originate.

I wouldn't spend $159 on that set (and that's before postage!). If it's very expensive from BBTS as well, that'll make the decision easy.

Leader Black Knight Grimlock actually is very awesome - my fave movie Dinobot figure. It's really cool that the colour from the robot mode is all hidden in T-rex mode. It's also better if you transform him properly, unlike the instructions and stock photos (but T-rex is still weirdly proportioned).
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