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Here is Livio from the IDW boards:

We always regret the continuity errors- but as I've said, some of them are more creative choices that we hope will make sense upon reflection. Or even, build on the things that have come before or will be coming later. The IDW verse is constantly being written both in present history and past history, and so keep in mind that things will always be coming up that change perceptions on things. But also, hopefully, that make sense.

Having said that, I hate Midi-Chlorians as much as the next guy so hopefully we've never done anything that offensive

And trust me, if we were doing stories completely without any regard to continuity we'd be doing much crazier stuff.
I would love to see the crazier stuff. I'm very fond of the 3rd season of the Sunbow series for all that wacky D&D nonsense that it throws up at a relentless clip.

These days I even quite like Primacron as a concept - he's the picture of a D&D endgame punchline.


Maybe this team should be put to work on an actual pen and paper Transformers RPG? It's quite odd that the franchise doesn't have an official one already. Hasbro own Wizards of the Coast, do they not? That would make borrowing the standard rulesets easy enough.
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