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A bit of a slip after 31 was quite a fun issue. Galvatron remains great entertainment, but the resolution to the cliffhanger was incredibly lame (there were some brilliant theories online as to what Prowl was doing that wasn't evil, his actual reason for pulling a gun on Jazz was utterly ludicrous and only makes sense if you assume he knows he's in a comic and there was a need for some tension at the 22 page mark), I mean really, he just wanted Jazz' attention before making a practical suggestion? What a cock.

And then it turns out Prowl has always hated Prime (! so much for theories the Constructicons are warping his mind), and really thinks not letting the other Autobots in on at least most of his plan is a good idea? He doesn't seem to have been expecting the mind zap thing that lets him fire the missiles, so he was basically leading everyone into a massive trap with no way out and expecting them not to get slaughtered? Bobbins I say.

Plus, this month's cliffhanger suggests Barber is cribbing from Age of Extinction.

In terms of plus points, Thundercracker's writing getting darker and more cynical in relation to his situation was very nicely done and probably the highpoint, and the issue looked as good as always.

But now I worry IDW have ruined Prowl as much as they did Bumblebee. Remember back when IDW started and Prowl was just a lowerly field commander rather than high command who may have been by the book but was also practical and full of common sense? Even as recently as Dark Cybertron his ideas always felt as if they should be what the Autobots should actually be doing ("Maybe we should go finish off the plot rather than head to the pub?"), but now he's the big ejaculating penis of Transformers. And like Bumblebee, if (and hopefully when) he dies I will be relieved.
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