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Some chilling images and I loved Megatron and Ravage's conversation. It's insight we rarely see -- with both characters, really. Just a wonderful moment.
It's the real highlight of the issue. The horror stuff is fun and well done but isn't outstandingly special.

Have to hand it to Roberts for this - he's found the best way to have the DJD be included in a way that shows off how scary and horrible they are without incurring diminishing returns by having them fail. It does lead me to wonder why he dragged his feet so long in siccing them on Shockwave, who he never seemed to be terribly fond of, but whatever.
Though I understand the narrative convention of having them kill everybody without too much trouble, there's a fannish corner of my mind that protests at the idea they were able to mow down the likes of Ultra Magnus, Whirl and Cyclonus so easily. And Brainstorm would definitely have let Overlord out if he'd had the chance.

Anyway, Roberts is going to have to kill the DJD next time they show up. That will solidify them nicely.

And hey, Megatron personally trained these psychos. He must have been in a bleak mood that century. Maybe in between one of his 'wobbles.'
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