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Originally Posted by Terome View Post
We are heading for the Rob Grant solo era of Red Dwarf references...
Doug Naylor, Last Human was the one where they find their own ship smashed and with their alternate counterparts killed in the most horrible ways. Grant's Backwards was the one where the Cat rips apart a woman's vagina with his covered-in-sharp-nasty-spikes penis. In reverse. Maybe Ravage will be doing that next month?

Though James Roberts [CLANG] has told me off on Twitter, pointing out he doesn't base everything he writes on Red Dwarf.

SPOILER! (select to read)
The set up is also very like the TNG episode Time Squared, albeit with a completely different execution and future Picard being found in a shuttle rather than a coffin. Don't tell Roberts I said that though.

That was a damn good Ravage scene, nice to see the excellent work Barber did with the character (in one of the few highlights of the pre-Dark Cybertron run of RID) is being carried on here to great effect.

Interesting that what is going on is seemingly what everyone predicted was going on, meaning that we're actually more on the ball than the characters are for once, but the grizzly death of everyone stuff was very, very nicely done and heartbreaking and squimish all at the same time.

If there's a shame, it's that after the Mulder and Scully spoofing X-Files cover, Nightbeat didn't really get to do much detectoring (basically just noticing what was right in front of him rather than any amazing deductive work), but that's sadly standard fare for Nightbeat so that can't detract from a very good issue.
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