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The "natural" flow seems to be a countdown of 8 to 1, and the panels as printed are 8-7-6-1-3-4-5-2.

6 is an open action, jump back 5.

1 is a close action, which apparently causes time to flow backwards 3-4-5 until it reaches the previous point.

We seem to be privy to all of the steps, but are they?
Good charting! Might we be treated to a nasty sequence where Brainstorm opens the briefcase too late and is rewound through his terrible fate however many times?

From the dialogue, Nightbeat and Nautica seem to be completely unaware of anything happening. Nightbeat would surely have noticed something odd but there is the distraction of Tailgate's body in play.

Doug Naylor, Last Human was the one where they find their own ship smashed and with their alternate counterparts killed in the most horrible ways. Grant's Backwards was the one where the Cat rips apart a woman's vagina with his covered-in-sharp-nasty-spikes penis. In reverse. Maybe Ravage will be doing that next month?
Oh yeah! I was thinking of all the stuff with the Aganoids and the pretty agonising deaths in the Gunmen of the Apocalypse section but had forgotten the very similar plot in Last Human. I don't like Last Human very much.

And did you know that it isn't just cats that have penises covered in claws? That's a pretty common trait in mammals. That's the kind of stuff they teach you when you're getting a biology degree.
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