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I did like this -- not as much as the MTMTE issue, but I do like the Prowl-shows-up-everyone-while-being-a-massive-cock thing. But then I like Prowl the asshole, so that might just be me.

There are a couple of things I disliked, of course, like the cliffhanger from last issue being nothing but a throwaway thing though I didn't really mind it, but I do echo the sentiment that there are more good things than bad. Like Megatron in MTMTE, Barber tries to combine Prowl's separate characterizations together and I do find myself liking this a fair bit.

I do agree that there's no way for Prowl to know that Bharwaney's network is connected to the missiles (or, say, the stupid mind bomb), or if they will be able to be fired enough without any Autobot casualties... and as we see, Kup nearly bought it.

Also the return of Spike Witwicky?

God damn it Barber

You do something so good and then you promise the return of shittiness

Though if Prowl shoots Spike in the head next month all is forgiven.

Great read overall... the boringly tedious and why-the-hell-are-they-doing-this-other-than-to-fix-the-mess-they-made Primacy aside, both the issues this month made me relatively happy.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek
Plus, this month's cliffhanger suggests Barber is cribbing from Age of Extinction.
You say that like it's a bad thing!

I do like how Barber goes on and takes Ramjet and Thrust in his crazy OCD... except it actually makes sense this time and I do like how Ramjet and Thrust, thrown away as one-shot characters by writers who had no idea what to do with them in Spotlight Ramjet and whichever AHM Coda issue written by the asshole Spotlight Bumblebee team. At least they get to be grunts!

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek
In terms of plus points, Thundercracker's writing getting darker and more cynical in relation to his situation was very nicely done and probably the highpoint, and the issue looked as good as always.
I didn't really care much for Thundercracker other than him being the funny guy with a dog, but oh yes this does help bring the point of the issue home.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek
But now I worry IDW have ruined Prowl as much as they did Bumblebee...

but now he's the big ejaculating penis of Transformers. And like Bumblebee, if (and hopefully when) he dies I will be relieved.
Yeah, recently Prowl has been too much of a dick and too little of being a proper chessmaster... there wasn't any particular reason Prowl couldn't warned Prime beforehand, or held that gun next to Jazz's head, or, hell, did something practical to ensure that none of the Autobots died.

It seems to be pretty poorly thought out overall, but maybe it's the Constructicons' fault...

Was Prowl calling one of them Scrapper an actual error or the Constructicons getting into his head?

[QUOTE=Knightdramon;742260]Not sure I like this pacifist/weird Soundwave. And they have to stop with Galvatron's "comical" getting to know Earth phrases as they really ruin the mood. [?quote]

This. Both of this. Galvatron I don't mind as such because I, uh, never really took him seriously at all, but the wacky Soundwave is just, well, me no likey.

Galvatron did murder Daniel Witwicky, though... wrong Witwicky god damn it

Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
Have a question though (and bear with me, work has been insane over the past three weeks) - where does Brawl come from?
Brawl was among the troops that were with Galvatron in the past issues -- he was going alongside Blitzwing in tank form when they besieged the town and the two had the 'United Steaks' thing which I found funny.

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