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The X-Files homage Nick Roche cover to this month's MTMTE put Catatonia's Mulder and Scully in my head (and is that a young Welsh Bloke Offa Notting Hill/Elementary/Anna Friel in the video?), so I downloaded their greatest hits.

I was mildly surprised they had so many, but the Ones People Remember are all good fun and the others (despite some odd pronunciations from Cerys to make words fit the rhythm of the song, "EnDERlessLY") are generally decent in a mid-90's Welsh rock band sort of a way.

And, despite struggling with the lyrics (rhyming sick with... sick and mentioning Delilah twice within a couple of lines as if they'd run out of Tom Jones songs already) this is the greatest song about a Welshman of ALL TIME:

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