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So I preordered Exhaust from HLJ. Still fuzzy on what the shipping is going to cost, since they don't quote that for preorders, but based on what the cost would be for stuff that's more-or-less the same size (and what the CAD/yen exchange rate is in February), I think it'll wind up costing $40-50 less than I spent on G2 Sideswipe when I bought him post-release, which is nice. Having to wait six months for it, not so much. Hopefully he'll be worth the wait.

(I blame Knightdramon for this! How dare he frequently helpfully tell us how much cheaper it is to order the cars direct from Asia? )

Originally Posted by Tetsuro View Post
I wonder if there's any truth to that MP-10 reissue or if the new Asian run of the Hasbro version was it.
The only way in the world I could see them retiring the MP-10 mold would be if they had a new Masterpiece Optimus in the works that they wanted to replace it with, and it seems a bit early for that. It might be another year or two before the next reissue happens, but the thing is a perpetual all-but-guaranteed moneymaker on either side of the Pacific. They'd be insane to mothball it.

I mean, hell, people even scalped the ugly YOTH version!
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