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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
I believe that a lot of that retail price is on the full on [inside and out] silver trailer, which is a pretty sizeable chunk of plastic anyway.
You're probably right on that. Even setting the added weight and plastic use aside, it can't fold up or compact in any way so it makes Prime's box a lot bigger and significantly raises the cost of distribution. Magnus or Star Saber, on the other hand, might ship in combined mode in more compact packaging to save a few bucks.

(I'd imagine demand plays a big factor too.)

Personally I'd be quite happy with just the MP-10 cab robot and no trailer and hope he gets released that way one day, since I couldn't see myself ever leaving Prime in truck mode (I almost never display anything in alt-mode unless it's a BW figure or some version of Grimlock, come to think of it). I certainly haven't missed the trailer for MP Rodimus, though that might be because I'm terrified his hastily-patched shoulder will explode if I touch him...

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Warcry, you're waiting 5-6 months because this is a preorder [that will sell out, mark my words].
Oh, absolutely. I'm just used to preordering Hasbro stuff that's available a month later. The super-long lead time for Takara MPs seems like a bit much to me. But like you say, it'll sell out, so I've gotta do it now if I want to get the thing for a reasonable price (I learned my lesson from G2 Sideswipe, who I don't think I even knew about until the month before he was supposed to come out).

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
But yeah, I sincerely do not see a valid reason to import twice [ie from both Japan and then from the US via BBTS or TFSource], as you'd be paying the middle man's mark up as well.
Not just that, but the middleman's markup pushes the price high enough that it'll catch Canada Customs' attention, so for me at least that's another $15-20 on top of the existing markup (the ~$50ish price from HLJ will be below the threshold where, in my experience, they usually can't be bothered). Plus the Canadian dollar/yen exchange rate has moved in a favourable direction in the last couple years. CAD/USD, not so much.

Price+shipping on this one likely works out to be marginally less than what I'd have to pay if I stopped at TRU on the way home from work to buy Prowl. Still way too much for me to want to go completest on the line like some folks have, but it definitely makes it easier to pick one up occasionally when it catches my eye.

Now if only they'd come out with that bloody Blue Bluestreak finally...

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
Shipping cost for me was 2200 yen or something for 2 MP cars back in October last year, EMS, to Europe.
Not too shabby. That's in line with what I was guessing -- probably around 1600 or 1700 for a single car, very reasonable considering it's coming half-way around the world. Compared to BBTS where I think I paid $13 to ship Sideswipe and it took three weeks to get here from a place I could drive to in ten hours...
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