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The website actually has some of the Transformers guests on it now (though the write up for Bob Budiansky is written by someone who didn't realise the generations comic IDW did was all reprints).

No James Roberts or Simon Furman on there yet, but Guido Guidi is on the site (alongside the already announced Jose Delbo).

Lee Sullivan has confirmed to someone I know on another website (I don't know if this counts as reliable news?) he'll be there both days. And even though they haven't been formally announced yet, I would be amazed if James and Nick Roche aren't there as well (both were very up for it when I spoke to them about it at Auto Assembly, and James mentioned he'd been specifically asked there as one part of the holy trinity/past, present and future of Transformers Comic Writers along with Bob and Simon. And he was gleeful about being in the same room as Uncle Bob regardless of being a guest).

Also, Larry Hama is on the comics guest list and technically counts as a Transformers writer.

I am also now going down on the Friday so as to be up and ready to go early on the Saturday. My assurance of that fact is slightly let down however by the hotel I'm staying at responding to my "Can I change my reservation to add an extra night?" email with "BLOCK CAPITALS AND RANDOMLY MISSPELT WORDS" that I think means it will be OK, but they have yet to reply to my second "That price is fine, put me down for the 17th" email.

Plus, Lalla Ward will be there!

I'll update the opening link to the winter con as annoyingly they seem to need to change the tie ins so as to be completely up to date more than should be the case...
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