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I thought this was brilliant. Really well done. And...

SPOILER! (select to read)
A great way to have a reset that doesnt feel like a cop out. We end the issue still with the Knowledge that Brainstorm will have to be sorted. It answers questions while creating new ones. And that finally page was awesome looking.

Of course some (like me) will point to niggles. Like - how did the four DJD destroy the crew (looks like Brainstorms case may have been a big help, but that wouldnt explain the crew fighting back at some point). The panel of the DJD in combat was great though - Pipes is pulled apart, Red Alert is zapped by one of Helexs small hands, Tesarus seeming to just pull Cosmos arms off.

Or why did "our" brainstorm not contact the DJD as he was in on the Overlord conspiracy at some point as well.

I am also a little confused about the change in the message thats spoken of here. The original message in issue 1 is the message that the alternate rewind sends, correct? But there is talk here of that being changed but all I can remember form the data ghost was the scream bit. I think I am misunderstanding this but anyway it was still a gripping read and the most satisfying finish to a mini arc that Roberts has done yet (Shadowplay was great but if you take away the last page it lessens it a lot and there is no way anyone could have guessed that last page)

Also: the no briefcase rule - a nice payoff to what felt like a throwaway gag.

Rung - can there only ever be one rung? Does he only exsist in one place? Or, I remember back in issue 8 some people had a theory that Rung was the Necrobot. I never saw this myself but is it possible the quantum explosion created a slightly morbid version of Rung?

Do the DJD still think they killed overlord?

Skids speech against Megatron was excellent. But it put a thought into my head as to why all these recent issues of both MTMTE and RID are actually subtitled Dawn of the Autobots? There seems to be no specefic reason other than maybe Megatron switching sides and that doesnt seem enough.

To be honest the only thing I'm not loving is the swerve thing at the start. It just doesn't fit for me and actually takes me out of the story. Hope it stops but I get the feeling it's sticking around.


Yeah. Thumbs way up. Cant wait for the next few issues.

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