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Not specifically to do with this issue as such but I am wondering about Tarn. Prowl implies that he is a phase six robot (or as powerful) and when they take down Black Shadow Tarn himself wonders why the phase sixers always rebel. So I'm thinking that when Megatron and Tarn finally go head to head will it be part of what breaks Tran that he himself, a phase sixer, is rebelling?

Also we still have the mystery of an inside agent of the DJD. This implies that either the undercover agent is one of the five and is far too convincing at their job (possible that they were the ones to kill Brain Storm?) or that there is a background of lesser staff to help the DJD.

Or its the sparkeater. Silly, I know but it makes some sense. Brainstorm did seem to have claw marks on him...
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