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Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
I thought this was brilliant. Really well done. And...

SPOILER! (select to read)
I am also a little confused about the change in the message thats spoken of here. The original message in issue 1 is the message that the alternate rewind sends, correct? But there is talk here of that being changed but all I can remember form the data ghost was the scream bit.

SPOILER! (select to read)
I read it as the message from Rewind to Chromedome being edited, rather than the issue #1 message. AFAIK there's no confirmation yet who actually sent the message in #1 is there? Unless I've missed something somewhere (which is entirely possible!)

Also, I think Rewind's return was handled as well as possible, or at least if I'm reading between the lines correctly. If you can't have both copies in the same vicinity everyone else would presumably go back to normal, but "our" Rewind isn't on board any more so the new one doesn't have to be cancelled out. Could set up an interesting story for an Overlord return though, if he somehow managed to keep Rewind alive or even just with him. If all that is the case though, then you'd imagine there'll be a couple of dead bodies lying around post reintegration, from bots who were killed and jettisoned previously? Maybe?

Edit: Also also, the final twist, just... wow. WOW.

I need to read it again as I've basically done it in snatches whilst at work, but I'm doing a full series re-read at the mo anyway so may wait until I get through that (2/3 through Dark Cybertron and it's not holding up well at all), but first thoughts were that it was very good, if not at all what I was expecting.

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