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Yeah I hadn't considered the briefcase... I'm also struggling to see the connection between how the briefcase worked for Nightbeat and Nautica vs how it worked for Brainstorm at the end. Different briefcase?

I agree that we don't need another Overlord story (at least in the short term) as there are so many different loose ends out there (Pharma, the whole Luna 1 / cyberutopia business, DJD, Tyrest off the top of my head) as well as the possibility of new stories, but I have a feeling that he will come back.

Re: the DJD mole, I guess I'd always assumed Skids was part of that mix, what with Chromedome's memory read and so on, but I have no idea if the timelines fit. If it's a current member, and one of the big five then they've got one hell of a messed up moral compass. Unless it's the dog thing? When I get past Dark Cybertron I'll try and pay special attention to the flashback scenes of the DJD attacking the lost light in the last 2 issues, maybe one of them is conspicuous by their absence/lack of aggression?

So.... How long until #34 is out?
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