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Originally Posted by numbat View Post
I'm not really interested in Star Saber - the aesthetic just doesn't gel with my other Masterpiece figures, and I have no attachment to the character.

That should give you an idea of -which- Star Saber I have an attachment to...IDW one.

Headmasters Fort Max---Marvel US, IDW
Masterforce God Ginrai---Actually masterforce. I liked the show
Victory Star Saber-------IDW
Zone Dai Atlas-----IDW

If the rest are made on that list, that's which iteration I have an attachment to. Without spoiling anything, my Star Saber is not going on the Autobot leaders shelf besides a group pic when he gets here.

But yeah, the stylizing and design is much different. Please bear in mind that MP Rodimus, for all intents and purposes, looks VERY PLAIN until you start to fiddle with him
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