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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
Has anybody watched a video review of hasbro's windblade? That was the review that firmly pushed me away from Hasbro's mass releases
Didn't even realize she was out yet. What did they screw up this time?

On-topic: I don't care about combiners so 99% of third-party offerings aren't for me. In general, though, I think the quality of the merchandise (and the relative price points) have gotten much better over the last couple years as the market has shifted more and more towards MP-style figures and away from Classics-style reinterpretations. Each of the major third-party designers has a style of their own and none of them mesh well with the official Deluxes and Voyagers. Designing stuff that's aiming to replicate the cartoon models seems more up their alley, and stuff like Scoria or Quakewave or the MMC Predacons fit in better with an MP collection than Defender or City Commander or Giant/Hercules ever did with Classics. The prices line up a lot closer with the official stuff, too.

The only third-party item that tempts me is Hexatron. I am decidedly not a fan of all the unnecessary grooves and ribbing all over his legs, wings, etc., but otherwise I think they captured Sixshot's look nicely. He seems to be quite poseable, and all five alt-modes seem to be...well, no crappier than they were on the original. The price is in line with official stuff, considering the size and complexity of the thing, and I'd be surprised if Hasbro could make a fully-functional modern sixchanger that was any smaller or less-complex (triplechangers just barely work as Voyagers, and Generations Leaders aren't better in anything but size judging by Jetfire and Megatron).

Reviews seem to be mixed, though. Does anyone here have the thing? What are your impressions of it?

Judging by the pics I see of it online, I get the impression that nobody actually transforms their Hexatron. Is it frustrating to get into the alt-modes? That's be a big strike against it, because I like to transform my stuff quite a bit even if it's always displayed in robot mode.
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