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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
But yeah, the stylizing and design is much different. Please bear in mind that MP Rodimus, for all intents and purposes, looks VERY PLAIN until you start to fiddle with him
At which point his shoulders, knees and/or leg panels all explode.

To be honest, there's such a wide variety of design styles even in the first few years of US stuff that it's part for me to say with a straight face that any MP doesn't fit in. I see it more as an issue of Takara choosing to focus on one small subset of the line (the cars) to the detriment of others rather than anything inherently amiss with Rodimus or Star Saber. If we had MPs of Shockwave, the Insecticons, Galvatron, a few Minibots, etc., Star Saber would fit right in. And we'll surely get at least some of those over the next few years, so whatever issues there are with Star Saber's look will fade over time.

Though I still have absolutely zero interest in getting him, since I have no fondness for the character at all in any of his official or unofficial incarnations.
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