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The only third-party item that tempts me is Hexatron. I am decidedly not a fan of all the unnecessary grooves and ribbing all over his legs, wings, etc., but otherwise I think they captured Sixshot's look nicely. He seems to be quite poseable, and all five alt-modes seem to be...well, no crappier than they were on the original. The price is in line with official stuff, considering the size and complexity of the thing, and I'd be surprised if Hasbro could make a fully-functional modern sixchanger that was any smaller or less-complex (triplechangers just barely work as Voyagers, and Generations Leaders aren't better in anything but size judging by Jetfire and Megatron).

Reviews seem to be mixed, though. Does anyone here have the thing? What are your impressions of it?

Judging by the pics I see of it online, I get the impression that nobody actually transforms their Hexatron. Is it frustrating to get into the alt-modes? That's be a big strike against it, because I like to transform my stuff quite a bit even if it's always displayed in robot mode.
Got the black version, which is arguably the coolest thus far.

First off, your life will be easier if you have the figure in hand, look at packaging shots, throw the damn instructions in a bin and watch video reviews.

Some of his alt-modes aren't much to look at---wolf, spaceship and apc are my favourites. The "tank" is just the figure lying down with the legs up, the "gun" is just the spaceship with the waist folded the other way.

He takes a lot of handling to get used to and appreciate his quirks---he's madly poseable, VERY stable, has got little tricks here and there not apparent from the get go, he's huge [bigger than MP10 and MP13] and what strikes me as very, VERY surprising is his weight.

He's heavier than both Soundwave and Starscream [masterpieces] and he's cheaper than either.

If you want the most bang for your buck, go for the black version---you get two AWESOME stag cleavers and an extra helmet. Original version has got Drift-like swords with scabbards that get in the way. Continuum version [not yet out] does away with any kind of melee weapons, gives him two smaller, chromed guns and remoulded chest wings and helmet.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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