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What a smashing issue. I wasn't sure how this would be 'reset' , but I am pleased it was done in a smart way. I am still not sure what I make of Rewind's return - its that whole comics thing of an alternate version of a character replacing the original (although in this case, it isn't...I think I've just gone cross-eyed). Time will tell. I just don't like stuff that does away previous emotional climaxes that you've invested in just because. I'm sure Roberts has a plan.

And Brainstorm!

Didn't see that coming. Although it seems silly for someone to have their real insignia stamped on them somewhere - kind of defeats the object of being in deep cover. Unless the brands are like tattoos...

Unlike Dalek, I like Nightbeat's abrasive personality. He's Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, isn't he? That said, I agree it would be good for him to do some proper detecting.

Lovely art this issue, and I am hoping Ravage sticks around. I like him - and I liked that scene of him getting annoyed and being pat on the head by Nautica
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