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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
Unlike Dalek, I like Nightbeat's abrasive personality. He's Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, isn't he? That said, I agree it would be good for him to do some proper detecting.
There's nothing wrong with his personality as such (though it's fairly stock Lost Light), it's just not Nightbeat's personality. Can anyone seriously imagine this guy having a friendly drink outside a space pub with Quark?

I want the guy back who had a wry cynical edge but had a love of mystery driven by a sense of inquisitive fun rather than being a dick.

Fair enough if Dark Cybertron is supposed to have changed him, but it's odd no one else on the ship has noticed or cared (especially in Dark Cybertron where it should have been a major clue something was wrong).

Lovely art this issue, and I am hoping Ravage sticks around. I like him - and I liked that scene of him getting annoyed and being pat on the head by Nautica
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