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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
Some of his alt-modes aren't much to look at---wolf, spaceship and apc are my favourites. The "tank" is just the figure lying down with the legs up, the "gun" is just the spaceship with the waist folded the other way.
I think you're showing an ignorance of the original toy here. I've had the original Sixshot since 1987, so I feel completely qualified to say that Hexatron is as good as it's gonna get for Sixshot's design. It's surprisingly faithful to the original; if you've handled it, you can figure out Hexatron easily. And most of the extra bits and bobs in the transformation are for tabs that lock everything into place. This is good! For comparison, after 27 years, all of Sixshot's non-ratcheted joints are getting droopy.

At any rate, I display them on the shelf side-by-side. I had thought of writing a review, but could only ever come up with this sentence: Hexatron is Sixshot remastered and in high definition. It works, though.

Here are many pictures!

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