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Thanks, Tripredacus. I felt like a sucker the one time I paid retail for a Kre-O set. They were more expensive per brick than LEGO sometimes. Then, they started showing up at TJ Maxx. I think I got 3 Optimus Prime sets for less than the original retail price of 1.

The same thing happened with Construct-bots. I bought 1 on sale, but it still seemed pricey. Then they started going for $5 each and I got a bunch and started mucking about with them.

G1 Megatron and Ratbat, neither of which transform. Soundwave is the original design.

The next six transform with no partsforming, except for weapons and faction sigils.

Rodimus and Brainstorm (no Firebolt or Arcana, though)

Sunstorm and Armada Startscream (partway through his repaint)

Swoop and a character inspired by AoE Lockdown, and the fact that I had an extra, headless body because I made that two-headed Shockwave.

I saw a movie Bee using feet as the chest and made one of my own. Since he doesn't transform, I was able to have the maskless triple-changer head flip up from the back and the masked elite head flip into the front, so you can swap the heads to emulate the mask coming on and off. He's a bit of a WIP since I think he'd work better if I cut the part of the shoulder crosspiece that the legs normally connect to and used the middle clip, but I'm wary of permanently altering pieces. Next to Bee are a couple bots I made with leftover pieces.

Here's maskless Bee with some kreons. I gave AoE Crosshairs coattails and mounted his guns to his sides for cross drawing. I made a G1 Seaspray since I don't like the look of the upcoming Microchanger. The Dinobots are mostly unchanged; I made Slag's horns red and gave Snarl a real torso instead of a vest.


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