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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Yeah, I'm thinking I might get the Air Raid and Breakdown, although as I really like TFC F-15 Eagle with the reprolabels more as something to fiddle with than display.
While I think the TFC F-15 looks pretty cool, it really doesn't look like an 80s Aerialbot at all. Hasbro's Air Raid (updated jet mode aside) looks like it stepped right off of a cartoon cell or model sheet. Sadly that's not the case with any of the other Combiner Wars stuff, so I guess it was just a happy accident.

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
The fact that combiner limbs don't necessarily get as much love and care makes it easier to be selective with collecting -- TFC Structor works well as Scrapper, Warbotron Heavy Noisy is a really nice Brawl, etc. but I'm not feeling at all completist. It took Quantron to get me interested in a gestalt (although I did end up going after the FP Bruticus when I saw one for significantly less than the more speculative eBay prices).
I'm of two minds on that. Though I like the general look of the combiner limbs, I can't say that I like any of them enough to pay the $80-$100 that any of the ones that caught my eye would cost. Heavy Noisy in particular looks like a spot-on perfect Brawl, but I'm about as likely to shell out for that as I would be for a spot-on perfect Masterpiece of Gears or someone -- which is to say, not at all.

A really good Skydive, First Aid, Scrapper (Structor doesn't do it for me, I'm really attached to the toy's proportions) or Lightspeed might do the trick, since I love those characters and wouldn't be at all opposed to owning MP-scale representations of them, but nobody's even come close to making me want their stuff yet.

(I'm also a bit sad that, among all the eight different iterations of third-party Dinobots, nobody's making a Snarl that passes muster)

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
I think you're showing an ignorance of the original toy here. I've had the original Sixshot since 1987, so I feel completely qualified to say that Hexatron is as good as it's gonna get for Sixshot's design. It's surprisingly faithful to the original; if you've handled it, you can figure out Hexatron easily. And most of the extra bits and bobs in the transformation are for tabs that lock everything into place. This is good! For comparison, after 27 years, all of Sixshot's non-ratcheted joints are getting droopy.
You know, I was really hoping you guys were going to convince me not to buy him...

Okay, fine. I'm sold. If he gets here in November and sucks, it's all you guys's fault!
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