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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Each of the major third-party designers has a style of their own and none of them mesh well with the official Deluxes and Voyagers. Designing stuff that's aiming to replicate the cartoon models seems more up their alley, and stuff like Scoria or Quakewave or the MMC Predacons fit in better with an MP collection than Defender or City Commander or Giant/Hercules ever did with Classics. The prices line up a lot closer with the official stuff, too.
Is "fitting" a fair argument, though? Classics/Universe Sideswipe has a certain style to him, but would you equate him as fitting in with a hypothetical Classics Skalor? The official stuff is a very heterogeneous lot to begin with. So much so that I'd argue that stuff like Giant and Hercules both simultaneously fit within the idea of "Classics", even with being so different from each other while trying to be basically the same thing.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
In general I'd agree with you, but I don't find that many third-parties do a very good job of that. Most everyone seems to concentrate on making a fantastic, huge combined mode and then doing whatever with the limbs, sometimes ending up with stuff that only vaguely resembles what they're trying to homage when it's not combined. I don't expect that to change any time soon either, since this fandom has always had an inexplicable-to-me obsession with gestalts and general indifference for the smaller robots that make them up.
Hmm. Yes and no. TFC did a good job with Hercules' components being dead-ringers for their original counterparts, whereas Maketoys' Green Giant's individuals vary wildly. But each company isn't consistent in that regard. TFC are also making a Predaking, Ares, and its component robots are very different from their inspirations. MMC's Predaking, Feral Rex, is in contrast a dead ringer for the original Predacons in every mode.

And that doesn't even consider that sometimes changing the design is a good thing. I don't really want a fancy, detailed Swindle with shoulders in the middle of his torso. I think the center of the debate is whether it's appropriate to make such sweeping changes when the source material - the original combiner figures and the cartoon and comic models - are so idiosyncratic and different from each other. If, at the design stage, they start to adhere to one iteration more than another, they'll inevitably alienate some potential customers.

At any rate, I've completed Hercules, Uranos, Intimidator and, supposedly on Monday, Feral Rex, and have been exceedingly pleased with all of them in all their modes. Granted, I can only display them in the combined modes since they take up the least space that way, but that's another matter.
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