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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Not sold on any of the Dinos? FansToys got me on-board when they kicked off with a Slag homage.
Scoria is very pretty (that chrome!), but in spite of owning Slag as a kid I can't gather up any interest in a modern version of him at all. Their Swoop is basically perfect too, but Swoop likewise does nothing for me. And then their Snarl looked kinda bad at first glance, because of course it does, I like Snarl. None of the others do anything for me either.

You'd think with ten sets of third-party Dinobots somebody would get the guy right, but so far no dice.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Is "fitting" a fair argument, though? Classics/Universe Sideswipe has a certain style to him, but would you equate him as fitting in with a hypothetical Classics Skalor? The official stuff is a very heterogeneous lot to begin with. So much so that I'd argue that stuff like Giant and Hercules both simultaneously fit within the idea of "Classics", even with being so different from each other while trying to be basically the same thing.
I'd argue that there's a much bigger gulf between most third-party stuff and Classics than there is between any of the many, varied official items released under the various Classics/Universe/Generations banners. Mixing City Commander or the like with Generations toys, they stand out just as much as Animated toys would. That doesn't necessarily make them bad, but it does make them something that I have absolutely zero interest in.

But then again, there's such an insanely large glut of third-party stuff these days that it's a very good thing that different companies take different approaches. Imagine how boring it'd be if all ten sets of 3P Dinobots looked the same!

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Hmm. Yes and no. TFC did a good job with Hercules' components being dead-ringers for their original counterparts, whereas Maketoys' Green Giant's individuals vary wildly.
Yeah, we're going to have to agree to disagree on that. I can see only the vaguest of resemblance to the originals in either set. I know it's only been a couple years, but both sets look really blah compared to what comes out now. I'm actually very impressed with the leaps in quality that third-party stuff has made. The first couple generations of stuff universally looked like garbage (IMO) and seemed to have really questionable quality. Some of it is still poorly-made crap, but the best 3P stuff nowadays seems to equal the best official stuff in engineering, sculpt and quality.
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