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Moved your post to this thread as it makes more sense.

It's not anything like what they make it out to be. The feet have little tabs in the back that can lock them into whatever position you want and keep the ball joints from slipping. So you have to set the feet the way you want them and then finagle the tabs to hold them in place, and then it's all good. It's certainly not like a little deluxe where weight isn't factor and you can just pose it and leave it.

As for the telescoping legs, yeah, they could have made little external tabs to lock them into a position instead of using just the internal ratchets, but whatever is in there now is plenty strong. Also, the wider the stance, the more stable those will be. If Feral Rex is standing straight up, the legs are parallel and the weight is pushing on both legs at the same angle. If you just widen the stance, the downward force is counteracted by the angle. However, mine is standing more or less straight up and I haven't had any problems...

I'll take some pictures if you would like.
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