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RE: Issue----Not sold on Starscream's plea for Combiners. "Enemies" of Cybertron is really just jargon for "people that might want to overthrow Starscream", and even if Wheeljack mistrusts Prowl, he can count on Optimus Prime.

Blatant toy advertising on "Alpha Bravo" and Powerglide.

Seeing as Omega Supreme has pretty much torn every opponent he's had apart, I believe he should be the priority instead of a "combiner".

Windblade I still don't care about, Ironhide's distress is not written well, Chromia is just not written well at

RE: Sarah Stone---F*cking overrated. Pretty much everything she's drawn besides this issue is like yaoi [the cover of Tarn over Fulcrum that everybody's gawking about...dear f*ck that's like Hentai]. I don't know why Milne is "campaigning" so hard for her, basically the entire fandom besides dalek here is apathetic to her drawing. It's not bad, it's definitely not the worst we've had, but pffffff come on people.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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