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Originally Posted by MikeB View Post
Yeah, combiner wars is hasbro's big thing in 2015 isn't it? Lots of protectobots on the Lost Light too...
I'm sure we'll end up loving Alpha Bravo nearly as much as we do Scoop before this is out (that was kind of hard on Slingshot though).

Originally Posted by Terome View Post
Is this the longest lead-in to a toy promotion we've had so far? With the Combiner Wars toys are only hitting the shelves next year? I've a hazy memory that The Second Generation story in TFUK had quite a run-up but maybe I'm wrong.
I suppose it depends when they actually come out, there's only three months left in 2014 after all.

Their effectiveness really leaves something to be desired, doesn't it? Monstructor has achieved exactly nothing in his long, long life and while Devastator wrecked Earth off-panel, we've got several other characters and devices which are capable of that scale of carnage when they feel like it. Didn't Megatron fight Devastator one-on-one and win? Didn't Megatron fight every Decepticon combined together and win?
That's the thing, every single writer to feature them has talked the talk about the awesomeness and power of combiners but have never remotely made it seem like a goal worth pursuing. Agreed with Knightdramon that they'd be better of building a load more Omega Sentinels.

Mind- Monstructor seems to have survived a five mile wide ship flying into him so maybe he's tougher than we thought?

I wonder if it would be more interesting if the combiner was the primary character and the components were aspects of that character? Like a guy was split up rather than five guys becoming one. Then there'd be a good reason for the transformation - to accomplish specialised or numerous tasks. Is that more entertaining than jumping on each other's shoulders and putting on a trenchcoat in order to have a barney? I'm being boring, aren't I?
Nope, that's a good idea.

I'd wonder if the book would improve if it shifted to having Wheeljack firmly in the lead and dropped the ensemble angle? He's a great character, Barber has his voice down and he's got a good suite of relationships to develop. I like Starscream adopting him as his best friend and I like how he frets about and misses his old comrades.
I could go with a Wheeljack led comic, he's one of those characters who has been handled really well by just about every writer and Barber especially seems to have a decent take on him that brings out the best in the others as well.

There's an odd thing going on over at the TFW2005 boards where Alex Milne seems to be actively campaigning to have Sarah Stone replace him on MTMTE. I wonder what that's about.
I can never quite decide if Milne is just a typical grumpy Canadian (like Warcry) or just has a very sardonic sense of humour that perhaps doesn't always come over. He art class panel at AA apparently had lots of thoughts on his working relationship with Roberts and Burcham suggesting it's not always a smooth ride, and his twitter feed is about 50% bemoaning how many characters are in any one panel he's drawing so he may be ready for a break.

Still, I'm not sure Stone's art is all purpose enough to suit the varying styles of MTMTE, she'd handle the fun adventure side of the book but it's hard to see how the last two issues would have worked with her style.

Mind, that's after just five issues (that I've read) that all had a similar tone, so she may be more versatile than we've seen thus far.

If Milne does leave or take an extended break, it'll be Nick Roche's job to turn down first (which I suspect he will with his current efforts to make new ground) before anyone else gets a look in.

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
RE: Sarah Stone---F*cking overrated.
basically the entire fandom besides dalek here is apathetic to her drawing. It's not bad, it's definitely not the worst we've had, but pffffff come on people.
being both overrated and treated by apathy by everyone except me is a very neat trick to pull off.
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