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Recently, however, I have picked up the Maketoys Armageddon add-on for YOTS Supreme Omega Supreme. It is absolutely awesome!
I've seen that! It does make a fine rocket base.

I had been drawing an arbitrary line between official and third party figures, but now I see no reason they can't all be part of what is really quite a personal collection.
Yep, you got it. The caveat of course is the price of the figures... smaller production runs lead to a higher price per unit. So you just have to use your best judgment as to what Hasbro will and won't make. Nice, high end collectible combiners seem firmly in the camp of the later, whereas virtually any other single character is fair game (Straxus, Springer, Skybite). And then sometimes the Hasbro stuff comes out later and is actually less impressive than the unofficial stuff (I like my Uranos and Intimidator just fine!). It's a crapshoot in that regard.

Anyway! Some Feral Rex pictures! Sorry for the low definition; I was using my phone.

Here his holding his sword. No problems with the elbow joint in Talon supporting the weight.

Here he is doing so while on one foot! His right foot is off the ground by about an inch or two. I used the tab in the heel to help lock the left ankle in place. Some fine-tune counterbalancing is done by manipulating the wings.

Here he is with arms outstretched and using the articulation in his toe. Again, I used the wings to counterbalance where needed.

Here Feral Rex does the "Flying Crane" from the Karate Kid:

And here's an attempt at the "Iron Man" pose:

And here he is just standing there, not doing anything.

So... yeah. I don't have any balance issues with Feral Rex at all. Between having the articulated wings for counterbalance and the locks in the ankles, he's very stable for a big combiner. He is, of course, super-fiddly, but that's just their nature. Big combiners aren't like Unicron or some other large figure that is comprised of large, static parts. They're made of many more pieces that consequently like to move around when you're trying to pose the figure, so it takes a bit more patience.

I'm probably going to take him apart over the weekend and just display the group as an ensemble, though. They're quite nice that way, too!
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