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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Quantron is nice. ...The result's gorgeous.
You've got one already? Where did you preorder it from? I know they've been starting to filter out into the wild for a few weeks now.

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
LOL Clay you must either have a very solid copy or half the reviewers and naggers I have seen/read are just piss poor bad.
It could be both? As I say, patience is the key... after they've waited for a year to collect the full set, they may just be too impatient to mess with it properly. After all, they've got to get it on the shelf and start on the next set!

But yeah, they may just be bad at balancing things. Feral Rex is easy to balance compared to something like Hercules.

At least Talon gives me enough practice on sliding these knives onto their hands. Read that a lot of people had issues with them snapping on Bovis and Fortis.
That is legitimately tricky, true. I can't remember if I ever succeeded with Bovis or if I just didn't bother. I know I got Fortis to hold his... In the end, I just put the knives on the little hip holsters and they looked great there. But that's a relatively minor quibble. Two component figures having difficulty holding some of their weapons is much different than "combined mode can't stand", you know?
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