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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
As I say, patience is the key
This! That's why I never bother open them quickly. I always spend my time to enjoy each individual figure first, then take the pictures and write my own reviews and then move on to the next. That's how I did with the Green Giant, too.

That is legitimately tricky, true. I can't remember if I ever succeeded with Bovis or if I just didn't bother. I know I got Fortis to hold his... In the end, I just put the knives on the little hip holsters and they looked great there. But that's a relatively minor quibble. Two component figures having difficulty holding some of their weapons is much different than "combined mode can't stand", you know?
Me too. I never succeed on Bovis. Always fear I would break something. Those daggers look nice on the side of his arms, too.

I will be taking a break from 3rd party stuffs for now as there aren't much I'm interested in, too. Maybe MMC's Elita-One. But will wait until I see the pictures and then decide.
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