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As Dion said, they've made it to the UK.

despite it being blatantly obvious that they have no idea what they're doing
I kind of like the more clueless reviews rather than folk who've posed things to show off the best side. Also tend to watch YouTube reviews on mute and/or fast forward to the angles I'm interested in, though.

Feralcons "sword" weapons... they just need a bit of care with Bovis (but mine are on his hips anyway, he's got a blaster and the sword that came with FP not-Vortex).

Anything the size of these combiners is going to be fairly heavy. Quantron and FP Bruticus have different approaches but are both pretty successful, and judging by the big cylinder pegs Feral Rex should hold together well enough... but a lot of people don't seem to latch onto the concept of centre of gravity.

Thumbs seem to be working now.
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