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I can't watch video reviews with the sound off---I actually want to hear the sounds joints/the plastic makes to determine strong ratchets/weak ratchets, squeaky thin plastic etc.

For video reviews I tend to follow emg316 myself---once you get over his "furmanisms" [he basically repeats every other word in every review of his] he's good at showing things properly, his reviews are well-lit, no "inside" buddy buddy jokes for/from other reviewers, properly showing what has to be done and pokes some fun at the fandom's OCD more than often.

---On topic---

People [or a certain sub-set of them] are making a fuss of MT Defensor's Streetwise being white instead of light gray on the CAD.

F*cking laughing 1st world problems matter or important?

Fire away

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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