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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
But if they're not the first one to have it, it doesn't count!
Right...... Actually just think by. I haven't got any used toys off eBay or others for quite a while.

How is Giant, anyway? I've always wanted the yellow version, but it seems I missed the window of opportunity for that. But the more that I look at the green version, the more appealing double-dipping on Devastators becomes...
He is awesome. I knew there was a huge debate between Giant and Hercules when they came out. But I have no regret when I choose MT. I know they don't have same height in each individual's robot mode bothered many people but not me. And many people complained each individual robot mode is not G1 enough but I'm totally fine, too. Yes, each individual robot has some flaws but the combined mode is just too cool. I still remembered the first time when I combined him. My jaw was opened in awesomeness. Hope I will have the same feeling when I finally combine MMC's Predaking. Here is my review of Giant if you are interested in browsing it.
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