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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Nevermind, I found them...
Not really sure which one you were talking about but I like the way you fold the lion paws up. Tried myself last night and that actually gave more clearance room for the knees bend.

Already read your review .

I don't dislike Hercules now, but I've been playing around with Uranos, Intimidator, and Feral Rex frequently after completing the latter, and it amazes me how far these things have come in such a short span of time. Hercules was a great rough start and showed that it could be done and be economically viable, but I think Giant fits more with the overall style of those that have followed - more detailed, figures more lean and less blocky, etc.
Actually last week I just took my Green Giant down, separated him apart and transformed each one, and then put them back in one and back to the shelve. I have to say I still like him/them a lot. True, Scrapper is still a pain to get things right especially his scoop, but their overall quality and engineer are still very good (and different than MMC Predaking). I feel I still like the tall deluxe class size although MMC's tall voyager and ultra sizes are also pretty good. Lucky you got all those. 3rd party combiners I only got Green Giant and Feral Rex and the rest I still use FP upgrade Bruticus and FP upgrade Superion (and a homemade Nexus). I'm thinking about Hasbro's Menasor next year although he still looks kind of ............. ugly.
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