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So I've been missing around with Quantron since Saturday now. It gets most of it right. The fact that Computron had a giant gun on his back that he couldn't use was always a bit silly. Quantron is a fair bit more efficient in that regard. Having the hands stow inside the combiner toes is a nice touch, too. But, unlike Feral Rex or Intimidator, the gestalt parts really don't have anywhere to go when the team is in robot mode. Granted, they can attach to Metalstorm's legs, but this looks ridiculous and causes lots of balance problems (Diesel also has this problem, but the surplus parts also make a nice box thing). Would've been nice if the extra parts could have made artillery or something for the smaller limb bots.

I really like the individual robots as well. Sonic Drill's transformation is an over-engineered mess, but everything's fine on either end of the process. All five of them are nicely reminiscent of their original counterparts while having varying degrees of revision. I love the Tron cycle! They make a lovely ensemble group, although I'm terribly biased towards the Technobots. I had them all for my fifth birthday, and still have most of them today (although Nosecone is the only one with his head still intact). They just hit that "late 80's sci-fi futuristic vehicles and spaceships" spot so resoundingly that I can't help but like them. And I do. And now I've totally exhausted the toy budget for the foreseeable future. But it was worth it.
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