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Again, preview's not giving me a whole lot to work with. I'm just not sure what to expect from this issue yet. The solicits made it sound promising, I suppose, but so far it's not entirely grabbing me.

Hopeful that the Megatron backstory stuff that's being alluded to here turns that all around. Roberts further retconning Megatron: Origin out of existence is a happy prospect. So, uh, I guess that means that my interest is piqued after all

Nice to have confirmation on what happened to Bluestreak and First Aid during the last story, though. Was wondering about them.

Going to have to agree with Warcry -- no one can seem to settle on what Bluestreak is supposed to look like. Some consistency in coloration would be nice as, like Warcry said, Bluestreak shares a similar design with two other characters. Don't think Rojo's more humanized art style is helping either (which I'm not digging all that much this issue, I'm sorry to say). Hell, at first glace I thought it was Prowl.
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