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Originally Posted by Unicron View Post
Back in issue 5(?), the second one at Delphi. Ratchet deduced First Aid's cog was malfunctioning, hence why he hadn't transformed and triggered the virus. As far as I can recall, it wasn't mentioned again after that, nor has he been shown in alt-mode till now.

I would think it would be a semi-important thing to mention that it had been fixed, what with him having been stationed at a medical facility for who knows how long with a doctor the caliber of Pharma and not having it fixed then. Seems like something that couldn't be fixed via a quick bit of surgery, and I always assumed it being fixed would be a side effect of the eventual creation of Defensor.
Ah, thanks. I'd forgotten that bit about Delphi. First Aid in alt mode could just be an art error? Or Ratchet just managed to fix it. Maybe they salvaged Ambulon's (RIP) T-cog from the corpsegun for a transplant? Would that even work?

On a side note, I'm still sad we didn't get to see Ambulon's leg mode. And he is now missing out on Combiner Wars! Poor Ambulon.

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