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Though as he never made the list of announced guests they haven't added James to the cancelled guests sections, which means people who found out he was coming from other sources but missed the pulling out tweet will likely be very disappointed.

Primenova at TransmastersUK has done what the official site seems unable to manage, and found out the times the Transformers people are giving their talks on both days (subject to change no doubt), all on stage 3.

I'll definately be doing both the Saturday ones, but will assume the Sunday ones will see Jose and Bob basically cover the same ground for those who can't do both days, though with Furman such a fixture at these things the Sunday might be better for those who want to hear Bob get the whole limelight.

Sat -

1500 - 1600 Jose & Andrew on art
1630-1730 Bob & Simon on stories

Sun -
1140-1240 Jose
1600-1700 Bob

Put some stuff together to get signed:

The Vault is obviously my main Transformers signiture depository, Dark Star became my choice for a Bob scribble as Jose can sign it as well and- despite having a silly amount of stuff signed by Furman/Wildman/Senior already I thought it'd be nice to get End of the Road done as a counterpart to Dark Star. Plus, I've not really spoken to any of those fine people at the last few AA's so this gives me an excuse to go say "Hi".

City of Death is for Lalla Ward to sign, hopefully she'll be selling her new charity book of lots of glossy Romana photos as well (with a wipe clean cover. In case you spill tea on it).

Shame the Bond 50 blu ray set is too cumbersome to bring as well as I'd love to get Colin Salmon to sign it, but I may throw in 24: Live Another Day for him.
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