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I've not been to something organised by these people before so it may be different, but at previous things I've been to the form with the virtual ticket system (which they're only likely to use with really busy guests I suspect) is you don't actually pay until you're number is called and you go up to the table. Meaning if you get a ticket for someone and then can't go when the time comes (if, for example, it takes so long for them to get through their commitments you have to leave beforehand) you're not losing any money.

The handler (though smaller demand guests will often deal with the money side themselves) will usually spell out any rules before you hand over any cash (if they're not doing personalised signatures/only signing photos bought from them/no taking pictures), though generally I've found most people friendly and amiable with very little fuss.

IIRC Brend mentioned on Transfans that, at the event earlier in the year, comic guests don't charge for autographs unlike their film and TV counterparts so that's a bonus.

EDIT: Hopefully when you collect your pass you get given something with a list of events and a map on it.
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