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Default A frank conversation with an eight year old about Transformers

Good evening, Archive.

For the past week I've been videoing myself as I draw as the webcam acts as a cheap supervisor. I do this at my father's house and this evening he received a visitor in the shape of an eight year old girl brandishing a folder full of Topps Transformers trading cards who was very eager to talk to a grown up about Transformers. She has never seen any Transformers media apart from these cards but she does have a One-Step Grimlock at home.

Here's the link. I've skipped in to the relevant part:

It's pretty neat. She's very keen on Bumblebee and Grimlock and is kind of terrified by Lockdown. After this conversation I dug out some of my old toys and played Transformers Prime on Netflix for her (They don't have Animated, which would have been more her speed). Tellingly, she didn't realise that she was watching consecutive episodes and thought she was seeing the same one looped five times in a row.

Thought it would be fun to share that. It might be old news to those of you with actual children but I felt it was nice that the fact that large corporations are better able to manage their brands meant that I could carry a decent conversation with a child I barely know. Enjoy!
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